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    Marakanda Restaurant, where your food matters.

    Clean, simple, inspired Mediterranean Cuisine

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    A Food Crossroad Between East and West...Inspired Mediterranean Cuisine
    Inspired by our origins and history, Marakanda Restaurant is a unique food crossroad between the Eastern and the Western world. Fresh ingredients, most of them locally sourced, form a unique base for us to apply our creative gastronomy, enriched by traditional Asian and Mediterranean flavours. We are passionate about our food. At Marakanda Restaurant, you will find a huge variety of local dishes and fresh seafood which mirror our Greek culture but you will also find creative dishes inspired by our travels, such as sushi, shashlik and many other delicious dishes that are awaiting for you to discover your taste senses. Marakanda restaurant is all about inspired Mediterranean Cuisine that blends in harmony with a well decorated space so you, can experience a unique gastronomic journey.

    Situated just 2km from Corfu Town and few minutes walk from the new port of Corfu, Marakanda Restaurant offers the perfect setting for a unique dining experience.


    Fresh local ingredients, vegetables, legumes, olive oil, fruits, fresh seafood and many more form the basis of our philosophy. Delicious colourful dishes inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine.
    Majestic architectural design with eastern influences create a warm and pleasant atmosphere, along with our well-mannered staff promise a unique dining experience even for the most demanding customers.

    Marakanda Direction

    AllDay Lounge

    Coffee, Lunch, Cocktails, Dinner and more
    Enjoy a relaxing coffee away from the bustle of the city. With 3 different settings and regardless the weather, Marakanda Restaurant offers a great sea view through its huge glass windows.

    We welcome, families, large or small groups and we accommodate any of your special needs regarding the occasion.

    We also offer a private room, ideal for business meetings, private events or specific occasions.

    Marakanda Restaurant is the ideal seafood restaurant for every occasion. From breakfast to brunch, coffees and teas, lunch and dinners to cocktail parties, Marakanda Restaurant is the perfect place for a unique dining experience in Corfu. Specialising in seafood and sushi, at Marakanda Restaurant, we promise to take good care of you!