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    Corfu is one of the most popular tourist destination of the Ionian islands, located in the northwestern part of Greece. For more than half a century, Corfu island welcomes every year thousands of tourists who enjoy the wonderful natural beauty of Corfu, the culture, the architecture, the history and most definitely the crystal blue water beaches around the island.

    The multicultural character of Corfu Town, the island’s capital, has been evolved in a range of more than 400 years and has been strongly influenced by a mix of European cultures, such as the French, the British and Venetians but also Arabic and Ottoman.

    Once you arrive in the island, you can clearly observe the history of this land by the imposing monuments and the archaeological sites.

    Corfu’s culture has over the years drove the locals and the place itself to evolve harmoniously through a classic sophisticated lifestyle with art, music and cultural tradition which overwhelms the atmosphere.

    Along with museums and sightseeings, Corfu is a well known travel destination which offers to tourists high quality services provided by the local businessmen that manage to overwhelm  and satisfy all the possible range of needs and expectations that visitors may require.

    Of course all this wonderful experiences encloses the picture frame offered from the amazing beaches and surroundings which each of those individually are remarkable for their uniquenesses. In Corfu you can find from sandy golden beaches to pebble ones to sharp rocky seashores, many of those beaches provide a large variety of amenities such as sun beds, showers, toilets, water sports, beach bars, tavernas and restaurants. The main characteristic is the crystal clear blue waters that attract the sight and increase the crave to enjoy even more the sea side villages and the long promenades on sunset.

    Corfu offers the tranquility and serenity that someone may seek during private holidays and leisure, it experiences the perfect combination of pleasant nightlife shops and exciting after hour amusement.

    Marakanda Restaurant respecting the cultural character of the island and the gastronomic influence of Corfu’s history, is the place to taste the traditional Mediterranean cuisine which has been inspired by our travels with a fusion. Fresh seafood has a primary role in our food menu at Marakanda restaurant in Corfu. At a delightful place, located just 3km away from Corfu Town, you can enjoy a full lounge experience where you can enjoy from breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, coffees and teas, cocktails and more.