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    AboutMarakanda Restaurant


    The Story of Marakanda Restaurant
    Marakanda Lounge Bar & Restaurant, a place that took it’s name from Alexander the Great. The great Greek military commander, after his successful campaign in Asia won the richest and most fertile place, and called it Marakanda. This city, wonderful in its beauty, became the capital of ancient Sogdiana in Central Asia. Being at the crossroad of trade routes of the Silk Road, Marakanda soon became the most famous city – for its wealth, fertility and hospitality. Inspired upon its history, we named our mediterranean restaurant, Marakanda.

    Our mediterranean restaurant welcomes you from 10:00 o’ clock in the morning for coffee and original Uzbek tea (black tea), while the kitchen opens at 12:00pm and everything is set for the preparation of your lunch.
    Marakanda restaurant offers an open kitchen where you can have a visual contact with the Chef and his brigade preparing your delightfull dishes. The smell of the original mediterranean cuisine such as fresh seafood and the sound of sizzling food will definitely help you work up your appetite.

    Before or after dining you can enjoy a drink or two in our lounge. Marakanda Restaurant offers a real lounge experience since we can accommodate all of your needs. A variety of alcoholic drinks as well as cocktails can be enjoyed in our terrace at reasonable prices.